How can I tell when a tree needs to be pruned?

How can I tell when a tree needs to be pruned

One of the first signs of pruning is excessive greenery. Overgrown trees can pose a hazard to people or property. Their dense branches can also catch the wind and cause damage. Another sign of overgrowth is when wild branches reach the house. They can tangle with siding and telephone wires. If you suspect your tree is in need of a pruning, it’s best to contact a professional.

Weak or diseased limbs are more likely to break or fall. If you spot a weakened branch, it’s time to remove it. This will prevent any disease from spreading. Overcrowded branches are also a danger. They can’t receive the proper amount of light or nutrients. If they break, the resulting limb will be more likely to damage your property.

Broken or dead branches are often a sign that the tree needs to be pruned. If they are not strong and healthy, they can fall on people and property. If the branches are weak and insufficiently spaced, they are more likely to break. You can also use a tape measure to mark where they need to be cut. Make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

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