How to Transplant a Tree

Before you transplant your tree, you need to prepare the site. Dig a hole at least two feet deep and double the width of the root ball. Fill the hole with soil and mulch. Make sure that the soil and mulch cover the roots of the tree at least two inches. After the planting process, water your tree thoroughly to avoid transplant shock. You may also want to check out our video on how to transplant a healthy tree.

If the tree is not already alive, you’ll need to dig it up. Dig a trench around its trunk about two feet deep and three feet deep. You’ll also need to determine the number of roots that are present. Once you’ve determined the correct depth, cut angular cuts inside the trench with a sharp spade. The resulting root ball will be called a root ball. If the roots are larger than four inches in diameter, you’ll need to use loppers or hand pruners.

Before you transplant your tree, it’s important to measure the root ball’s size. Remember that a smaller tree can be easier to handle than a large one. Ensure that your tree is growing in the same direction and getting ample sunlight. If it’s not growing well, you should transplant it to another part of the garden, like a patio. To ensure the success of the transplant, consult a professional arborist.

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