Knowing the Signs a Tree Is Dying is essential if you have a beautiful tree. If you notice that your tree is falling over, it might be a sign of the end for the tree. The best way to deal with a tree that is dying is to identify the problem and treat it immediately. If you don’t know what to look for, you can check with an Arborist.

Signs a Tree Is Dying

In the fall, you can check for the tree to see if it has shed its leaves. The trees that are dead or dying may also have yellowed or brown leaves. The top third of evergreen trees may have red or brown needles. Although it’s normal for leaves to fall during the autumn, this can be an indication that the tree is unhealthy. Moreover, dead leaves hanging on branches might be a sign of a dying tree.

A dying tree might have bare branches or a diseased trunk. It may also have lopsided branches and may even fall over, weighing down the tree. During winter, a deciduous tree may cling to its leaves and be vulnerable to wind and storm damage. If it’s dead or dying, it might be best to remove it. Otherwise, you can risk losing your home and family.

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